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tv   [untitled]    May 12, 2014 1:00pm-1:31pm PDT

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but that is not the motion, the motion is just to approve. >> second. >> commissioner hillis? >> i mean, it sounds like balboa park pool could be a viable option and it seems like there is the incentive in the wrong place if we are saying later take it down if you can find a spot on the pool, i don't think that there is, and there is not a big incentive to kind of find a solution, it seems like a large installation on this building it is a large building and it also has kind of you know, clean lines and dimension that get disturbed by this screen. so i would see a little more work with rec park. >> if i may note, the pool is actually coming in and under going plans for renovation, which are currently reviewed by the specific design review board and so there will be actually some challengewise locating on the roof based on
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the preliminary that i am seeing and they are not insurmountable either. >> have you talked to rec and park? >> yes, on many occasions, discussed at&t and other carriers. >> i know that the city has installations on the roof but does rec and park have none. >> ill not aware of any on any parks with the exception of near the park merced but those mostly stayed on the property. and the mono poles. >> commissioner sugaya? >> one of the difficulties that we run into, and especially i hate to say this with at&t is the amount of coverage that at&t is much less i can characterize it that way, mess less than verizon or sprint or the other carriers and so there
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are a lot more, if you will, at&t around the city than the other carriers but that is a technical issue. and i don't know in the future, you know, whether they will be new technology, or whether they will be taking them down, or whether we are going to go even further the other direction, but i just wanted to say that for the members of the public as to why you might see these popping up in areas where the carriers don't seem to have antennas. >> >> commissioner moore. >> the yes question that i would like to ask, is have you worked with at&t on exploring in that location, less intrusive placement or volume configuration of how the antennas could be placed more in the middle and more in the back? because the outline seems quite
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extensive while the other discussions that we had about that. >> the different options and for instance, taking the cross on the roof and enlarging that and placing the antennas and so you could not house all in the cross and the parks, you kn?
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how many of a sense do you get of how many openness there is or how many difficulty, or even public out cry there might be to put antennas on the rec park. >> and the parks are precious and we did look at different ways and the questions came up with the rec and park and the process and the accessory nature and the requiring a review. making sure that the sites are
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designed, and they will not take away the usualable park space and in this site, you have the park pool and you also have the stadium and there is something over putting in the lighted and the lights and many times that many communities will say it is great forget the cell site if we can get the lights in the park there is sensitivity in this area and i have the meetings with the supervisor for this area, and for myself and from supervisor avalos's office to the residents was, that if there was some fear or in fact, they were focused on having a site, there is an alternative, but they reach out for the residents surrounding the park and i have not seen any evidence of that to date and so that has been a challenge and we like to see more community buy in as well. >> thank you. >> commissioner hillis? >> i have a question, i mean because the architecturally, if you are coming from the north, on san jose, and the building facad that is kind of
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interesting is this is obviously the one on san jose and also, what is treated out to the south. and san juan? >> and the corner of san juan and when you are coming north, and seeing that one. and almost the three structures are just different numbers of antennas that house four, three and three, >> and four, three, and three, correct. >> and that is why, i neat the rec park option in dropping four you will be able to get rid of that one an tan that box that you actually see as you look at kind of the two more important facad of that building. so, i mean, i think that it is worth a shot, to kind of talk to rec and park to figure it out. what the issue is, because i think that there is... you know? so, would i actually move to continue.
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>> the final thing is that if you were to, i mean, we have seen the letters from the people, concerned about antennas in parks and particularly on a swimming pool where the people have their kids, and a lfm i think that you can't, it was not noticed that we were looking at the pool. or this other site, and there can be a whole host of other people that will be interested if that conversation if that is what we are going to do and that is my total hesitation and because we are talking about a non-notice site, and moving you know potentially moving the responsibility over there and the people in the community have not been notified to have the input in that process, and nor dao do we and only in the site of the project before us and i mean that we can't basically make another site, you know, it is kind of going outside of what was noticed before the public today, in terms of what we were talking about, this particular may macro site and if we go in another direction, that is a different process altogether and they will have to follow a brand new application and start all over again and so i just i
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think that we can say loud and clear that is our desire and work with the rec and park and i have served on the review committee as the commission and that is a show of its own. >> and to say the least. so i would not, and i would not suggest and i don't think that we are going to solve that problem today and i don't think that rec and park is going to, you know, just because we asked them to, do any more did you diligence on this, especially if they are under going renovation of the pool and it takes three times that the civic review process to review a project and there is a three step process to that and i would just say that it makes knower sense to go this route and knowing that at&t that the people in the community perhaps and in they have the sites on the pool and but to know and when you talked about that, that is a whole another group of neighborhood people that should be engaged in that conversation. >> commissioner moore? >> yeah, i actually support
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commissioner borden's policy, while they are under the care and jurisdiction of the park and rec, it is still the public property and so i think that we are getting way out into unknown territory to even suggest that, but that has to developed on its own, completely independent from us, and it can be a policy from the mayor's office and a policy or whatever but not in the context of this discussion. and so i think that the motion has to stand on its own and whatever else comes independent from that suggestion. >> commissioner hillis? >> i just want to verify, i think that rec and park may not have sites but other public buildings do. >> fire stations and whatnot. it is not the policy of the city not to... >> there are property of 35 sites that have them of sectors
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site if an alternative is able to provide coverage, antonini. >> aye. >> borden >> aye. >> hillis. >> aye. >> moore >> no. >> sugaya. >> aye. >> and commissioner and president wu >> aye. >> so moved, that passes four to two. and with commissioners hillis
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and moore, voting against. >> and commissioners, the next two items were listed on your agenda as items 19 aand b because they have the same address, or very similar addresses but they are two different projects and we will be taking them up separately, 19 a 2014.0043, >> the item before you is a request for a conditional use authorization for 22055 a union street, a use that is also a limited restaurant doing business as earth bar where a vacant ground floor located at the fourth story commercial building to be occupied by the gym.
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it will occupy 1600 square feet and 750 square feet will be dedicated to the restaurant use as a juice bar and 500 square feet will be dedicated to the fitness apparel and retail sales and the remaining 325 square feet will be shared circulation and storage and rest room space and no changes to the building envelope are proposed. and the operation will consist of four to five full time employees and would operate 7 days a week, from 6:00 a.m. to 11 p.m. currently, there are five stand alone earth bar location and ten locations alongside ten exinox facilities in the nation and one of the stand alone locations is in san francisco. the project site is located on the south side of union street between webster and bucanan street, the subject lot is 12,000 square feet in side and occupied by a four story commercial building, originally built in 1924, the single
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screen movie theater dose business as metro theater, they approved the theater making the building, city landmark number 261 n 2012, the planning condition granted conditional use authorization for a change of use from the single screen theater to personal service as the gym, and the fitness facility is under construction and slated to open this summer. the framing development consists of a variety of commercial and mixed use, commercial units with residential units above the scale of development is one to three story structures. commercial spaces contain a variety of small scale businesses that include a mix of cafe and restaurant, and serves and to date, they received two letters in support of the project, from the union street association and the golden gate neighborhood association and those two letters were included in your packet.
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and in order for the project to proceed, the commission must grant the conditional use authorization to allow a formula retail use that is a limited business, doing business as earth bar and within the union street and cd pursuant to the sections 303, 703.3, 703.4 and 725.43. the department recommends approval with the conditions and believes that the project is necessary and desirable for the following reasons, the project was occupy a vacant space on the subject block that will compliment the mix of the serving uses and within the neighborhood. and the project will not ex-expand the existing building and the project is neighbor serving that the neighbors can access by taking public transit and it will be consistent with the character of the street. and the project meets all of the requirements of the planning code. this concludes the staff's presentation and i am happy to answer any questions. >> thank you. >> project sponsor, please?
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>> good evening, commissioners lu, representing earth bar, and i would like to thank cristina for that wonderful presentation and i am not quite sure what more i can add to this other than the graphics which you have seen and i will put them up if you like and what the floor plan and here is the theater and the city landmark building, and again, this is approved by this department two years ago and it is under construction, and it is going to be opened very shortly, and here is a elevation of the building. and again, this design has been approved by the commission and everything is done very sensitively or with respect to making sure that it meets the landmark standards, and it has a very clean elevation, as you can see where the most stores you could be listening to the
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other sponsor, and at this location, but again, the design is a uniform design, and the demonstration and the storefront work is all done for the integrity to the ground floor and the only thing that will be different is the sign, you see the earth bar, here is a more detailed of the elevation of the storefront itself and again, it just maintaining the consistent kind of spanish style deco, approach with just the earth bar and here it is in color, and daytime and slightly back in the evening. and in terms of floor plan, site plan this is the ground floor of the entire building. and the main entrance to the equinox fitness facility and the other two tenant spaces and there are two here and they are about 1500 square feet each and this is the earth bar space and that space is going to be
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split, it is 1575 square feet and it is going to share the space and there is an entry from union street to the own entry area and there is a seating area and a counter area and additional counter and seating area will be seating for approximately ten people, and there is a back of storage pantry area and a common rest room, and this back portion approximately 500 square feet is a fitness apparel sales facility. and to give you kind of a sense of what the inside is going to look like, this is kind of a typical earth bar and actually this is the town and this was taken this week and they just opened, one store in the town within the shopping center, and this and the one in the union street will be the first outlets here in northern california. and all of the remaining outlets are in southern california and they have four
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additional stand alone facilities in the la area and then ten additional kind of counter facilities similar to this that are associated with the equinox and this is not just a juice bar it is more of a health bar and the drinks and i did include a menu in the store menu with the and, they have the items such as the blue berry bliss and followed by slim down. and muscle up and then lady and skin and so it is health oriented. and basically that is kind of what it is. and it is fruit juice and all fruit supplement sales and they are gearing toward people that want to take good care of their bodies. and the commissioners this is we do have two other support that you saw in your packet the union street, association, supported this project and we made a presentation to them and also the golden gate valley, neighborhood association and we presented this to them and they supported. so we are with that
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commissioners, if you have questions, conclude my presentation. i know that it is 6:00, and we actually do have some earth bar juices for you, if you would like to try them. >> so commissioners again, that concludes my presentation, if you have any questions, i would be pleased to answer them. >> thank you, we may have questions for you opening up to public comment if there is any? >> seeing no public comment, public comment is closed and opening up to the commissioners, commissioner moore? >> i'm actually very happy to see this particular location being occupied by three bitss that compliment each other and they are off and it is painful for me is to see the health club portion actually dominate the street frontage and it is mostly not inviting because all that you see are the people
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pedaling on the bicycles and it does not add to the animation of the street and having said that, and i am not prejudice and i believe that bring in the active retail that compliments the gym behind it is a great idea and it brings the variety on to the street front of this rather large theater facade. and i am really happy seeing it finally coming into action because this has been standing around empty for this time and so i am very supportive of it and i am actually ready to move to approve. >> second. >> second. >> call the question, please? >> commissioners on that motion to approve, with conditions, commissioner antonini. >> aye. >> borden. >> aye. >> hillis. >> aye. >> moore. >> aye. >> sugaya. >> aye. >> and commissioner fong. >> aye. >> the motion passes, 6-0 and
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places you on 19 b. >> thanks very much commissioners, case number 2014.0160 c, 2055 b, union street and request for conditional use authorization. >> good evening, again, vice president fong and members of the commission, planning department staff and the item for you is the question for a conditional use for 2055 b union street and the proposal is to allow a limited restaurant doing business as espressamente, illy located on the east end of the building, the proposed establishment will occupy, 1500 square feet, the operation will consist of 6 full time employees and operate 7 days a week from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. currently, there are ten locations nationwide, two are the locations are in san francisco, on battery street and market street, at this time the project does not qualify as
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formula retail and no changes to the building envelope are proposed. the project size on the south side of union treat between webster and bucanan,, and the subject lies approximately 12,000 square feet in size and occupied by the four story commercial building, built in 1924 as a single screen movie theater which is really converted into a personal service use doing business as exuinox gym. >> in order to date, the department received one letter from the union street association in support of the project. and i have copies available upon request. in order for the project to proceed, the commission must grant conditional use to allow the restaurant in the union street and pursuant to the planning code, 303 and and the department recommends approval, with the conditions and believes that it is necessary or desirable for the following reasons, the project will occupy the vacant space on the subject block that will compliment the next of the serving uses within the
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neighborhood. and the project would not expand the existing building and the project is a neighborhood serving youth that they can access by walking or taking public transit and it meets all of the planning code and this concludes, the staff presentation and i am happy to answer any questions. >> thank you, project sponsor, please? >> long meeting i guess, my name is joe goodoc, and i am the owner and the operator of the store that is proposed at 2055 b, union street and i chose this location because i think that union street has a special place in san francisco retail. and there is a lot of premium retail on the street and i think not only does it serve that particular community, but a larger bay area, group of shoppers, and international tourists that come, to the union street and so it is a special street, and to me
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personally. and elli is a privately held family company, from italy and they are a specialty roaster and they have been purchasing from a farmers in a sustain able pioneering way not off the commodities market for about 25 years. and one of the only coffee companies in the world that actually 100 experience purchases from farmers. either long, and long personal relationship with the family, both professionally, as well as this relationship i think that what i like mostly about them is that they have a real deep appreciation of italy an culture and art and so, i think that it is a really good story and that is unique in san francisco. and probably the country, and something that we are very happy to share as a story, with coffee customers. and san francisco. and we spent a lot of time and an enormous amount of time designing the store to be one of a kind, and there are things
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inside of the store that will not be anywhere else in the world. and so, it really has an art collection, and with extremely famous artists. and people, that you may or may not recognize, and chris, and robin, and one of the things that i wanted to do with this store, was pay homage to the long history of the metro theater and the family that owns the theater and so we decided to built an art installation inside of the store that is a tribute to the film directors and to the homage to the theater in general and we have this sort of bizarre installation on the ceiling, or unique i should say, that has cuts from francis ford copula and falini and it should be something really special for union street and for the city over all for our food menu, we happen to have a really nice relationship with
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goldstein and you may remember from square one, and she is a resident and she works with us not only to design a menu specific for that location, but also, helps me tremendously with our relationship with local vendors, and with the green leaf who produce and provides our farm produce and clover, which is our dairy farmer and also the people like acme and all a really great providers and so i am excited and it is a lot of money and time and i am happy with a few partners to invest in the store, and the landlord is great and although he is charging rent and it has been a long day and i am happy to answer the questions. >> thank you we, may have questions, and we will bring it out to public comment if there is any. >> public comment is closed commissioner moore? >> i think that i have to ask
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my fellow commissioners as to whether i have to recuse myself because i am totally prejudice about this being the best coffee, so i will leave this for you guys, i am going to be honest about that. and that is a statement about the coffee itself as what you, consume there, but the way that their battery store is, and it is just beautiful. yes and, so think that in itself will add a high standard for the quality and the very simple comments on the mirror image on the other side of the gym, and so there is the juice and then you have the coffee and some small things to eat and i think that it is a perfect combination. so... >> move to approve. >> second. >> i think that is not... >> commissioner antonini? >> i will take and make it
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easier, for commissioner moore, i will move to approve. >> made the motion. >> and second. >> commissioner sugaya, you have a coffee or a tea preference. >> i don't drink coffee and only tea i think that there are too many coffee shops in the city already. >> nothing further commissioners, i could use a new bar. >> there is a motion and a second, commissioners on nraort to approve with conditions, on that motion, commissioner antonini. >> aye. >> borden >> aye. >> hillis. >> aye. >> moore. >> aye. >> sugaya. >> aye. >> and fong. >> aye. >> that passes, 6-0, and places you under public comment, for which i have no speaker cards. >> is there any general public comment this evening? >> okay, public comment is closed and the meeting is adjourned.
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